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Bring Your English To The Next Level With A Native Speaker

Intensive one-on-one lessons with a skilled native speaking instructor are the fastest and most effective way to increase your English skills through instruction. Start by registering for a free online consultation in which we will tell you where you are as a learner and the steps you need to take to make your learning and speaking goals a reality.

Why Lessons

Personalized Program

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses in English, and to improve fast you need to find out what your weaknesses are so that you can start focusing on them and working to correct them. This is unfortunately very very hard to do in a class, on your own, or even with most tutors. Only an experienced and very good native speaking instructor will be able to tell you with total confidence and clarity exactly what all of your important weaknesses are, how to best understand the related language issues, and what to do to start correcting them as fast and effectively as possible.

Better Learning Models

At Rapid English you will be taught ways of thinking about English that are both a lot more powerful and easier to understand and use than you did in school or would be with other programs. We won't ask you to memorize 1,000 rules for as many situations, keywords, and exceptions, etc. and then to try to remember all of them while you speak. Instead we'll give you a solid big picture understanding of the topics related to your most important weaknesses, which will give you both a much deeper intuition for the language and rules that are easier remember and use correctly when you speak and write.

Learning By Doing

Absolutely the main focus of lessons is speaking. To learn a language, you have to use it, and the real advantage of lessons with Rapid English is the chance they give you to practice using what you're learning while you're learning it -- all while being watched, corrected, and guided by an experienced expert. This is truly a powerful process, which combined with identifying your individual weaknesses and confronting them with simple, intuitive, and powerful learning models makes learning with us so much faster and more effective than with any other method.

What Students Say

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"I am very happy that I made the decision to study with my teacher at Rapid English. He helped me to understand basics that I never learned in school and make essential progress. I studied English with him for 6 months. During this period of studying I got a lot of useful information, made a lot of progress and now I don’t feel any barrier to talk in English. I think the best way to study languages is to study them with native English speaking teachers who know how to explain all the rules in the simplest way. Students often don’t understand English grammar rules that are written in books. But my teacher explained all those rules in his own way that made studying a lot easier. Also students who study with a native speaker have opportunity to hear a correct English pronunciation."
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"What I can say about lessons with Rapid English is that they are the place where theory confronts reality, where complex matters are explained easily, and where your mistakes are shown for you to improve. They are an effective process where learning and motivation increases with each next lesson – a great choice for those who want to learn English and a big step for my goals."
PauliusCollege Sports Star
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"I took the TOEFL a year ago before applying to study in the US. My English was not so good then, but my teacher at Rapid English worked hard with me and helped me to prepare and I got the score I needed. Right now I’m studying, playing basketball, and living my dream in America. My teacher helped make this possible for me and I recommend Rapid English to everyone preparing for the TOEFL or a similar exam."

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